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Sneaky Shower | Sam/Kurt
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Title: Sneaky Showers
Pairing: Sam/Kurt
Words: 3, 355 words
Summary: Kurt insists that Sam needs a shower. Co-authored acontrolist, who wrote the majority of Sam’s dialogue!
Warnings: NC-17 gay men things.

"Expect frowny faces carved into your pancakes."Collapse )

Greased Lighting (Sam/Kurt)
glee__too close
Title: The Total Opposite Of ConfusedCollapse )Greased Lighting
Pairing: Kurt/Sam
Words: 2, 560 words
Rating: PG this chapter.
Summary: Blushy!Sam comes in to sell some parts, and Kurt is a little more than amused at how speechless the other boy is purely because he isn’t his usual pristine, clean self. Sam voices some opinions, and Kurt guesses his way into Sam's sexuality. It’s a drabble, mostly because I have no idea how to write Kum in character.


Total Opposite of ConfusedCollapse )


Rat Within The Grain
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Making it my mission!
glee_sup girl
 Basically going through old glee kink meme prompts from WAAAAY back when and filling them. Just so it's not 11000 prompts posted, 1100 filled. D:

Tip Top Tip (Part Three)
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Title: Tip Top Tip (Part Three)
Pairing: Top!Finn/Bottom!Puck
Word Count: 2, 469 words
Summary: Finn's sick of being the girl. He's convinced it's his time to shine.
Prompt: "honestly i don't even care what kink, whatever you'd like so long as finn tops. i just need more of this pairing in my life dammit!"

Part One
. Part Two. 

Finn thought that, even if this wasn’t true, proper, movie-quality love, it might be something even better.Collapse )

Diva and the Dork [1/?]
Title: Diva and the Dork
Pairing: Sam/Kurt, mild Blaine/Kurt, Sam/Blaine.
Sam Evans, Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, various cast.
Summary: Kurt is proud to be a diva; Sam is proud to be a dork. This makes them better friends than either thought possible.
PG this chapter. We'll see. <3

Diva and the DorkCollapse )

Get Back What Matters
Title: Get Back What Matters
Words: 960
Rating: PG-13. Mild swearing. Incredibly fluffy.
Spoilers: S2 Glee, but nothing really specific.
Summary: Playing Halo, eating sandwiches, and being asses to one another? It's the usual Friday night for them.
Pairings/Characters: Puck/Finn.

“I’m just trying to work something out.”Collapse )

Welcome To The Family (Short Drabble)
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Just a little sample piece from a much larger fic. I wrote this scene but it doesn't occur till much later in the fic... But I was proud of it so... :P

Welcome To The Family
Words: 940 words
Pairing: Implied Finn/Puck
Rating/Spoilers: Swearing, PG. None.
Summary: Puck's really not okay with Kurt being a dick about himself and Finn.
A/N: Set after Kurt aptly notices how Finn and Puck are more than friends. He, of course, gives Finn a grilling over the matter. Puck isn't amused in the slightest. Essentially a brief glimpse of how Puck reacts to Kurt. Hope it's... something.


Welcome to the family...Collapse )

Just How I Am (Puck/Finn, fluff)
glee__be cool puck be nice
Title: Just How I Am
Pairing: Puck/Finn (est. relationship).
Characters: Azimo, Finn, Karofsky, Puck.
Warnings: EPIC FLUFF. Lots of swearing.
Summary: "And that’s where they were now, staring down a pair of thick-headed bigots who would only make their life worse if they knew the truth – Puck sneered out a few insults in response to their own, the display barely above territorial gorillas. “Dude, we’re bros, I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine.”
Words: 2, 326 words

“Worried about what?” Puck snorted, a smirk taking over his face, “I’m a fucking warrior.”Collapse )
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